Veteran Home Build Opportunity - Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

Are you a Veteran and interested in becoming a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento?

This unique Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento Veteran Home Build is an opportunity made possible through the support of Health Net Federal Services to provide a home ownership opportunity to a local veteran family in need  of affordable housing.

The home will be newly constructed and available for purchase through a 30-year, zero-percent or zero-percent equivalent mortgage for a Veteran partner family that qualifies under the guidelines of the Habitat home ownership program.

Veteran program applicants will go through a selection process, including a detailed financial review and an in-home visit. To qualify for the program, our Veteran partner family must meet four main criteria.

Program Requirements

1.Applicants must be a Veteran and have served as active military OR must be caring for a Veteran dependent who served as active military. (Must be able to provide copy of DD 214).

2. Need for Adequate Shelter

Families must be experiencing at least one of the following conditions in their current living situation:

  • Substandard Conditions (mold, lacks electricity, unsafe, in need of major repairs, etc.)
  • Overcrowded Conditions
  • Paying too much for rent (paying more than 50% of gross income on rent and utilities)

3. Willing to Partner

Applicants must be willing to act as a true partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. Our partner families must sign a partnership agreement and agree to:

  • Contribute 500 hours of sweat equity building their home and the homes of other partner families (if applicant has a disability, having a proxy is acceptable)
  • Share their story through our website, interviews, videos, and more
  • Complete homeowner education workshops
  • Attend Habitat events and homeowner meetings
  • Stay in good communication with Habitat staff
  • Make mortgage payments on time

4. Ability to Pay

Applicants must have the ability to pay for their mortgage. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento selects families that earn between 30%-80% of the area median income. (Income includes, but is not limited to: income from work, SSI, SSDI, Veteran Benefits income and pensions, etc.)

A typical mortgage is 30% of the homeowner’s gross income.

An applicant’s income should fall within the following “low income” range based on household size.

Sacramento County

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $14,480 $38,880
2 $16,680 $44,480
3 $18,750 $50,000
4 $20,820 $55,520
5 $22,500 $60,000
6 $24,180 $64,480
7 $25,830 $68,880
8 $27,510 $73,360
 9  $29,190  $77,840
 10  $30,924  $82,464


Yolo County 

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $15,570 $41,520
2 $17,790 $47,440
3 $20,010 $53,360
4 $22,230 $59,280
5 $24,030 $64,080
6 $25,800 $68,800
7 $27,570 $73,520
8 $29,370 $78,320
9 $31,170 $83,120
10 $32,970 $87,920

Additional Requirements

  • Applicants must be living (or working) in Sacramento or Yolo County for at least one year.
  • Applicants must be legal permanent residents or citizens of the US at the time of application.

Selections are made in compliance with the Federal Credit Equal Opportunity Act and on an impartial and non-discriminatory basis. Race, color, national origin, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability play no part in the choice.

How to Apply

The application period for this is now closed.  Pre-qualified candidates whose applications were received prior to the application closing date of August 31st will receive an invitation to attend our upcoming Veteran Home Build Orientations on September 13th (5:30-7:00pm) and September 16th (9am-10:30am) at our offices.

The orientation will review program requirements, timeline, and the process of becoming a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento.

If you have questions regarding our homeownership program, please contact

All pre-applications (sent after filling out the contact form below) must have been received by August 31st in order to be considered for this opportunity.

This opportunity is made possible by: