#BuildLouder - Vote Yes on Prop 1


Not everyone can swing a hammer or climb a ladder, but everyone can vote.  

This November, help Habitat #BuildLouder by voting YES on Prop 1 – the $4 billion Veterans and Affordable Housing Act bond measure which would help us double the amount of homes we build here locally and increase housing opportunities for hardworking families and Veterans across the state of California.

Currently 1 in 3 Californians can’t afford their rent and housing costs.  Prop 1 would create $1 billion in bond funding for Veteran’s housing and $3 billion for affordable housing at large to help hardworking families, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and the homeless.  In addition to helping build and preserve affordable homes, including supportive housing for veterans, working families, people with disabilities Californian’s experiencing homelessness and others struggling to find a safe place to call home – Prop 1 would all create 137,000 jobs and pump $23.4 billion into California’s economy.  The Veterans and Affordable Housing Act tackles top priorities for Californians – building homes, creating jobs and boosting the economy.

Visit www.VeteransandAffordableHousingAct.com for more information and help us #BuildLouder by voting YES for Prop 1 this November.

Voting builds solutions too.