Statehouse, the New Husband and Wife owned Restaurant and Eatery, is helping Habitat #BuildLouder for this year’s Gala

Statehouse, the New Husband and Wife owned Restaurant and Eatery, is helping Habitat #BuildLouder for this year’s Gala

When Jenn and Jimmy Crabbé, the dynamic husband and wife team behind Sacramento’s newest Capitol eatery and catering company Statehouse, were asked about getting involved with the Hard Hats & High High Heels Gala, they not only jumped at catering this year’s event, but took their partnership a step farther by fiancially investing in Habitat as the Presenting Event Sponsor.

Says Jenn, the proud co-owner of Statehouse and mother of 2-year old Jameson, “We opened Statehouse because we not only wanted to provide opportunity within and outside the Capitol for quality, fresh, affordable food, but also opportunity for people to work for their dreams – just as we have. The Habitat Gala is the perfect fit for us as it’s an organization which focuses on empowerment and supports affordable housing (which is a growing need in our community).  Also, what better opportunity is there to showcase our exceptional culinary team led by Dan Watterson than hosting a Gala in our backyard – the State Capitol!”

Jimmy, Jenn, and Jameson Crabbé

Prior to moving to Sacramento and starting his private equity career, Jimmy was a senior executive at UPS, managing global operations for over 1500 people, and Jenn was the Director of Sales.  When Governor Brown was looking for a restaurant to step-in and transform the retail spaces of the Capitol to reflect what the region has to offer as the Farm to Fork Capitol, Jenn and Jimmy decided to throw their hat in the ring.  Statehouse Café opened in December of 2016 and Statehouse Eatery (the full service restaurant in the historic basement of the Capitol) opened in March of this year.

With a passion for food AND their community, Jenn and Jimmy have running relationships with St. John’s Program for Real Change, the International Refugee Committee, and DDSO to help provide employment and job training to disadvantaged individuals in need of a hand-up.

Says Jenn, “We’ve made it our challenge to employ people having a hard time at getting opportunity to re-establish themselves in the work force.”

Their three locations and catering services are led by Chef Dan Watterson whose resume includes 15 years in fine dining including chef de cuisine  at Stephen Starr’s Le Diplomate and executive chef at Matchbox Food Group.


Chef Dan Watterson

Regarding making the move to Statehouse, said Chef Dan, “I was really excited about the opportunity to work with Jenn and Jimmy. It is a very different experience for me, but I was excited about bringing fresh, high quality food at an affordable price in high volume. California is known for having such a rich food scene throughout the state and we wanted improve the food in the capitol to reflect my background and the high quality of food that California has to offer.”

For this year’s Habitat for Humanity Hard Hat’s & High Heels Gala, Chef Dan has put together a seasonally inspired, Al-Fresco Menu.

“The cuisine for the Gala is going to be a reflection of Israeli and other Middle Eastern flavors and spices mixed with French Techniques,” says Chef Dan. “We are also trying to highlight some of the local produce that is freshest right now in the region.”

When asked what is is most excited about, Chef Dan had a hard time deciding.

“Honestly I am really excited about the whole menu!” said Chef Dan, “This style of cuisine is a little different for me, but the menu has come together so well and really looking forward to how the menu flows on gala night!”

For a sneak peek of the Al-Fresco Menu Chef Dan Watterson has in store for the Habitat Gala, follow Statehouse on Instagram or Facebook!

Statehouse is located inside the State Capitol with cafe, restaurant, and catering services.  They are open to the public and cater inside and outside the Capitol building.


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