Corporate and Business Donors - Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

Please review our donation criteria here before scheduling a donation pickup.

Schedule a Corporate Donation Pick-Up**

To donate materials you must send an email with your contact information, photos of the items you wish to donate and complete the questions below to Submitting an email does not guarantee a donation pick or acceptance of your donations.

Pick Up Address:

Donated Materials:

Donation Quantity and Dimensions:

Can we get a 30′ ft. in and out of the area safely? Is there parking?

Are the items accessible and can easily be moved with a hand truck or dolly?

Are the items located on the first floor?

Are the materials on pallets?

Will the driver need help?

Each pick-up request is carefully reviewed to ensure that items meet our donation criteria. Though we cannot guarantee donation acceptance over the phone or prior to in-person review, emailing photos of the items you wish to donate greatly increases the likelihood of donation approval and expedites the donation pick-up process.

Our ReStore donation truck serves both Yolo and Sacramento counties and is booked up to two weeks in advance. All donors are encouraged to include a financial donation to offset the fuel and labor costs associated with picking up in-kind donations. Thank you for helping us to help others with your generous donation!



If your donation is time sensitive you are always welcome to drop off your donations at our facility.

Donation Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 3 pm

ReStore Location: 819 North 10th Street Sacramento, CA 95811

Donations are accepted at the ReStore receiving dock located on Vine Street adjacent to the ReStore.

Corporate Donation Pick-Up 
Please contact our ReStore Team at (916) 440-1215 ext. 1107 or

Thank you for your donation to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento ReStore! Not only do donated materials help us build homes, the resale of these donations provide our customers quality items they may not be able to afford at retail price.