Rock the Block

Ask us about how to get involved in Rock the Block 2021!

Check out our video recap of our second annual Rock the Block from September 2019!

About Rock the Block:

Can you imagine living in a home that was about to fall down on top of you?  Did you know there are people here in Sacramento living like that – without hope?

“Rock the Block” is a one-of-a-kind Habitat led coalition of residents, nonprofits, and organizations brought together to repair homes and revitalize South Oak Park.  Our 2019 Rock the Block catalyzed over 30 organizations, nonprofits, community groups, elected officials, law enforcement, and over 400 volunteers to work together with residents to uplift South Oak Park. In 2 days, we repaired 23 homes and supported 7 community projects for a total of 29 projects completed in 36 hours.

With your investment of support for Rock the Block 2020, we can continue to increase our impact year after year, add more substantial improvements to the neighborhood’s community assets, and drive this revitalization forward. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Habitat is working hard to plan a Rock the Block event that will be uplifting but also safe for those living in the South Oak Park neighborhood and all who come out to volunteer during this event. In order to promote effective social distancing and reduced transmission of the virus, the Rock the Block 2020 event will function much differently than it has in past years. More information on the dates for Rock the Block 2020 will be made available in the upcoming weeks. However, if you or someone you know is a homeowner in the South Oak Park neighborhood and is interested in receiving repairs during Rock the Block 2020, please review the general applicant requirements and fill out the appropriate application below!

 In order to receive repairs during Rock the Block 2020, applicants must:

1.    Live in the South Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, CA

2.    Own and reside in the property that needs repairs

3.    Provide proof of identification

4.    Provide proof of active insurance and ownership for the property in the form of a current insurance policy declaration page and recent mortgage statement, respectively.


Applicants interested in “Brush with Kindness” Repairs (i.e. exterior painting, yard clean-up, fencing, etc.)

          Fill out the following application: Brush with Kindness Home Repair Application

Applicants interested in Critical Home Repairs (i.e. roofing, heating/cooling system repairs, window replacement, etc.)?

          Fill out the following application: Critical Home Repair Application

*Please note that critical home repairs during Rock the Block require applicants to provide supplemental identification and financial documentation as well as repay 20% of the repair costs in the form of a zero interest and zero down payment loan.


Planning is currently underway for Rock the Block 2020.  Contact Laine Himmelmann at for information about how you can get involved.