Women Build

Thank you for joining us for Women Build 2023 in March!

Interested in being a part of Women Build 2024?

In 2023, we raised over $170,000 to support our mission to build and repair affordable housing. Throughout the month of March, our volunteer teams worked on nine homes in our Cornerstone Community. If you are interested in being a part of making an incredible impact in the month of March, individual registration and crowdfunding team opportunities for Women Build 2024 will open this fall.

Click here to see the photos from Women Build 2023.

How to participate

Participants in Women Build raise the funds and provide the volunteer muscle needed to build.

Any individual who wants to learn how to build a home is invited to join us; no experience is necessary. Volunteers work under the guidance of construction professionals and alongside other volunteers and future Habitat homeowners.

Sponsorship opportunities available now for Women Build 2024. Individual and crowdfunding registrations will open this Fall. Please contact Kathy Severson at KSeverson@HabitatGreaterSac.org or (916) 440-1215 x1122  with any questions.

What is “WOMEN BUILD”?

At Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, we believe that strong women build strong communities.

Every year, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento’s Women Build brings together hundreds of women from all walks of life to address the housing and community crisis affecting many families in Sacramento and Yolo County. Women Build promotes empowerment, solidarity, learning, and pride in our community.

Why Women Build?

Women, especially those who serve as head of their families and women of color, disproportionately face obstacles that make accessing decent, affordable housing seem impossible. At Habitat, we know that stable, affordable homeownership is transformative for low-income families.

At Habitat for Humanity, we know that safe, affordable housing means that individuals and families have the opportunity to thrive. However, women face challenges that make it more difficult to access this basic need. These challenges include:

  • Higher rates of poverty for female heads of households:
    Fifteen percent of adult women lived in poverty in 2017 and make up sixty six percent of the low-wage workforce. Thirty one percent of female-headed households with children are below the poverty level.

  • Housing discrimination:
    People of color, women, and low-and moderate-income borrowers across the United States of America continue to receive a disproportionate amount of high cost loans.
  • The wage gap:
    Women still earn, on average, 80 percent of what the average male earns. This pay gap is even greater for Black and Hispanic women, in particular.

Women Build offers the opportunity for volunteers to join us in bringing attention to systemic barriers to affordable housing, and helping to build strength and stability for all of our neighbors.