Stock Donations

Pledge an investment of stocks to the Habitat “Framing the Future” Annuity Fund!

With Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento’s new brokerage account and “Framing the Future Annuity Fund”, donations of stocks can be made easily and can have even greater potential impact. Please consider joining other like-minded philanthropic individuals by making a donation of stocks or cash and investing in Habitat’s long term financial security.

Volunteer Jim Curtis shares why he donates stock to the Fund-the-Future Annuity Fund!

Interested in pledging stock as part of this year’s Habitat Gala?

We’ll have a special “stock donation” opportunity at the end of the fund-a-need where you can pledge your donation of stock! Not attending the Gala, but would still like to participate? Let us know and your donation can go towards our  $350,000 fundraising goal for this year’s event! Pledges can be made anytime between now and the evening of the event on September 24th to be included as this unique giving opportunity!

*Pledge commitment must be made between now through the stock donation portion of the Gala on September 24th. Actual donation of the stock must be made prior to December 31, 2022.

Fill out the form below or contact Laine Himmelmann at to find out more about pledging/donating stock as part of this year’s Habitat Gala!

How the “Framing the Future” Annuity Fund Works:

  • While other charities may sell stocks upon receipt, with this fund Habitat holds onto these assets long-term while benefitting from yearly dividends. Growing year after year and long after the donations are made, this fund pays off in the short term and can grow in future gains to support larger impact and growth.
  • Investors of both small and large gifts will create a foundation for a more sustainable future of building hope, homes, and community.
  • Any cash donations to the Fund will be invested in the top performing equities within the Annuity Fund portfolio upon receipt.
  • Habitat of Greater Sacramento may decide to reinvest all or part of the Annuity Fund back into the higher performing equities within the portfolio.
  • Every year , Habitat of Greater Sacramento will sell up to 10% of the value of the portfolio beginning with the lowest-performing assets. Habitat will decide how to allocate this annual annuity dividend based on greatest need which may be adding all or part of the Annuity Fund amount to its operating budget
  • Each year, Habitat will report on the performance in our Annual Report, and send to all non-anonymous donors to the Annuity Fund portfolio.

We hope you will consider donating your stocks directly to Habitat of Greater Sacramento. This tax-savvy form of charitable giving allows for substantial savings on capital gains tax, while making an impactful contribution to the capacity building and long-term sustainability of our mission to build affordable communities and hope. It’s a win/win

Annuity Fund Donation Interest – please contact me!

For more information or to receive a stock donation form, please contact Kimberly Coley at or 916-440-1215 x 1108