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Home Repair Program 

Please note, based on the volume of applications we have received thus far, on April 1, 2018 we will no longer be accepting general Home Repair applications.  If you are still interested in applying for our home repairs program, please submit your application before our April 1st deadline.   

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento’s Home Repair program.

About the Home Repair Program:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento works with existing homeowners in need of assistance to maintain their homes.  We also have a separate arm of our home repairs program that is devoted strictly to Veterans.  If you are a Veteran in need of home repairs, please click HERE.

Veteran homeowners currently take first priority.  Our next priority is low income homeowners living in the areas of North Sacramento and West Sacramento.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicants must own and occupy the home as their primary residence.
  2. Applicants must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento by contributing “sweat equity” labor hours to the repair project. Those who are not physically able to help with repairs must participate in other volunteer opportunities.
  3. Applicants must have the ability to pay a portion of the total repair costs.
  4. Applicant’s income should fall within the year’s low income limits based on household size.


Applicant’s income should fall within the following low income limits based on household size:

Sacramento County

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $9,720 $38,880
2 $11,120 $44,480
3 $12,500 $50,000
4 $13,880 $55,520
5 $15,000 $60,000
6 $16,120 $64,480
7 $17,220 $68,880
8 $18,340 $73,360
9 $19,460 $77,840
10 $20,616 $82,464


Yolo County 

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $10,380 $41,520
2 $11,860 $47,440
3 $13,340 $53,360
4 $14,820 $59,280
5 $16,020 $64,080
6 $17,200 $68,800
7 $18,380 $73,520
8 $19,580 $78,320
9 $20,780 $83,120
10 $21,980 $87,920


How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for Home Repair services, you will need to download and print the following documents:

Here is what you need to know about our application process in 2018:

  • As of February 14, 2018, the Home Repair Program  Application is available to be downloaded from our website or picked up in our office. We are also happy to mail you a physical copy upon request.
  • In order for an application to be considered, the applicant MUST satisfy the core requirements and meet eligibility. Please look at our Application FAQ’s for more details.
  • Completed application MUST include all items necessary per the kind of repairs being requested. Please download the Application Checklist.
  • Completed applications will be accepted beginning February 14 until all home repair opportunities have been allocated for the 2018 repair year.
  • Applications should be submitted to Homeowner Services Department at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, 819 North 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.
  • Payment:
    • For Non-Critical Repairs and Critical Repairs: There is no application fee at the time of submission. However, if an application passes through the first round of internal review, we will then require a processing fee of $30 so we can run necessary credit and background checks.
    • For A Brush with Kindness: There is no application fee for A Brush with Kindness only a flat service fee no more than $100 for the work completed.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that until such time as a completed application has been submitted for review, we will be unable to comment on or discuss your specific circumstances and/or eligibility. In the meantime, for questions about assembling the application or the required documents, please check out Application FAQ’s first, then contact the Homeowner Services Department if you still need assistance.

HfHGS Homeowner Repair Services Contact Information:

Shannin Stein, Homeowner Services Manager and Operations Mananger
(916) 440-1215 ext. 1104

Karen Kaur, AmeriCorps Community Development Coordinator
(916) 440-1215 ext. 1102