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Home Repair Program 

About the Home Repair Program:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento works with existing homeowners in need of assistance to maintain their homes.  We also have a separate arm of our home repairs program that is devoted strictly to Veterans.  If you are a Veteran in need of home repairs, please click HERE.

Our General Home Repair program can currently provide help with: exterior paint, fence repair, and yard clean-up.

Veteran homeowners currently take first priority.  Our next priority is low income homeowners living in the areas of North Sacramento and West Sacramento.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicants must own and occupy the home as their primary residence.
  2. Applicants must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento by contributing “sweat equity” volunteer labor hours to the repair project.  Those who are not physically able to help with repairs must participate in other volunteer opportunities.
  3. Applicants must have the ability to pay a portion of the total repair costs.

Applicant’s income should fall within the following low income limits based on household size:

Sacramento County

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $9,720 $38,880
2 $11,120 $44,480
3 $12,500 $50,000
4 $13,880 $55,520
5 $15,000 $60,000
6 $16,120 $64,480
7 $17,220 $68,880
8 $18,340 $73,360
9 $19,460 $77,840
10 $20,616 $82,464


Yolo County 

Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $10,380 $41,520
2 $11,860 $47,440
3 $13,340 $53,360
4 $14,820 $59,280
5 $16,020 $64,080
6 $17,200 $68,800
7 $18,380 $73,520
8 $19,580 $78,320
9 $20,780 $83,120
10 $21,980 $87,920


For more information, please contact our Homeowner Services Manager Shannin Stein at SStein@HabitatGreaterSac.org

The application period is currently closed EXCEPT for Veterans. (If you are a Veteran, please click HERE to be directed to our Veteran Home Repairs page). To be notified when the application period opens again, please fill out and submit the form below.

Download and share our Home Repair Program Flyer and help spread the news about this program.