24 Hours, 600 Big Reasons

24 Hours, 600 Big Reasons

Mark your calendars! Sacramento’s once annual Big Day of Giving is taking place May 2nd and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento is participating with our second ever Rock the Block!

About Big Day of Giving

Big Day of Giving is put on by Sacramento Region Community Foundation and GivingEdge in an effort to expand philanthropy and the social economy by connecting nonprofits to the community at large. This 24 hour event creates a space in which over 600 nonprofit organizations have participated in order to raise funds, and donors can give with confidence to the causes that they love. Started in 2013, Big Day of Giving has since raised more than $30 million for nonprofit organizations and engaged over 36,000 donors.

About Rock the Block

Our pilot Rock the Block last October catalyzed 50 organizations, nonprofits, community groups, elected officials, law enforcement, and over 250 volunteers to work together with residents to uplift South Oak Park. Volunteers and homeowner partners worked together in order to repair 17 homes, plant community gardens, and add amenities to the local community center –all in two days! Our homeowner partners work alongside fellow volunteers, instilling a sense of pride in their home and neighborhood as well as building the skills and knowledge needed to care for their home far into the future.

How You Can Help

Join the Big Day of Giving movement and help foster an environment of homeowner empowerment through this 24 hour giving event! This year Habitat aims to make an even greater impact, setting the goal of raising $75,000 in order to help repair 20-30 homes. Wells Fargo has agreed to match the first $25,000 in donations in order to help us get there! Thanks to their generosity you can contribute during Big Day of Giving and watch your donation double! Donations and sponsorships allow Habitat for Humanity to purchase important and necessary items such as building materials, tools, and supplies-as well as help change lives! Donors who contribute over $250 will also be given the opportunity to participate in Rock the Block 2019 and help build a stronger community!

Worried you might miss your chance to donate? Starting April 15th individuals can submit their gift in advance to ensure their support for their favorite nonprofits. Learn more and get ready for the biggest binge giving event of the year by going to bigdayofgiving.org! Donate with Habitat for Humanity for this year’s Rock the Block event by going to bigdayofgiving.org/habitat.

Contact Our Local Team about Big Day of Giving

Administrative Offices & ReStore
819 North 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 440-1215 ext: 1112

Email: donations@habitatgreatersac.org

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm

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