Donate to Habitat on Big Day of Giving and  your donation will be matched!

Donate to Habitat on Big Day of Giving and your donation will be matched!

This year’s Big Day of Giving (BDOG) is coming up on May 3rd and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento hopes to raise $37,500 for a very special project.

Donations to Habitat from this year’s Big Day of Giving event, the 24-hour giving event which helps support local charities in the greater Sacramenton region, will go towards a recycle home build project for a hardworking single mother named Anna and her two young children. Anna escaped a previously abusive relationship and now supports her two children by working full time as a lab technician and taking online evening classes to complete her degree in biotechnology. She will be putting all 500 hours of sweat equity building her home herself and, after construction, will purchase the home from Habitat for a 0% interest, 30-year mortgage.

Says Anna, “Habitat’s homeownership program gives hope – hope for hardworking people who dream of one day working hard enough that they can provide their children with a home.”

With your support this May 3rd, we can make that dream a reality.

With $75,000 in donations needed to make this project possible, Habitat is e excited to share that three very generous donors have come together and agreed to match all donations made from this year’s Big Day of Giving up to a total collective match of $37,500 to help make this project possible.

To help support this special project and have your donation matched; please make a donation today through midnight on May 3rd at

Donations from our 2016 and 2017 Big Day of Giving events total over $40,000 and helped make a home possible for the Robinson family on Fairfield Street and helped fund construction of Habitat’s 5-home Avenues project which begins construction in a few weeks.


Zarion and Keyairah jumping for joy on dedication day of their home in 2017.  Their home was made possible in part by donations from Big Day of Giving 2016.


If you are interested in donating, please visit

Habitat Contact: Laine Himmelmann at or (916) 440-1215 ext. 1108

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