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Home Repair Loan Program 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, in addition to building affordable homes in the greater Sacramento area, has increased our Neighborhood Revitalization and Home Repair program efforts to serve families in need and work to uplift communities in our region. This program helps to respond to the housing crisis in California by solving health, accessibility and safety concerns in homes owned by low-income families, veterans, and elderly residents on limited incomes. By fixing the long-deferred maintenance projects, critical repairs and code violations, we help families stay in their already affordable homes and avoid displacement.

Habitat’s growing Neighborhood Revitalization effort brings together agencies and partners for collaborative community impact projects in neighborhoods, parks, schools, community centers and collaboratives for the betterment of the community as a whole.

The application cycle for our Home Repair Loan Program is now closed. To sign up for information, click here.

To qualify for the program, an applicant must meet the three following program requirements:

  1. Applicants must own and occupy the home as a primary residence.
  2. Applicants must be willing to partner with Habitat (this includes contributing sweat equity hours towards the repair project).
  3. Ability to pay a portion of the total repair cost (20%).

HUD Income Limits 2022

Additionally, applicants’ gross annual income must fall below the maximum income based on household size as specified by the HUD income limits below:

Sacramento County
Family Size At Least 80% AMI
1 $19,050 $50,750
2 $21,800 $58,000
3 $24,500 $65,250
4 $27,200 $72,500
5 $31,040 $78,300
6 $35,580 $84,100
7 $40,120 $89,900
8 $44,660 $95,700
Yolo County
Family Size At Least 80% AMI
1 $19,450 $51,800
2 $22,200 $59,200
3 $25,000 $66,600
4 $27,750 $74,000
5 $31,040 $79.950
6 $35,580 $85,850
7 $40,120 $91,800
8 $44,660 $97,700

If you meet the above qualifications, and would like to receive information for our next Home Repair Loan Program, please click here to be added to our information list.