CEO Leah Miller makes the case for Prop 1 in Capitol speech

CEO Leah Miller makes the case for Prop 1 in Capitol speech

On August 27th, Habitat for Humanity CEO Leah Miller spoke alongside Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Senator Jim Beall, Assemblymember David Chiu, Supervisor Phil Serna, and Habitat Homeowner Johnnie Jackson at the Capitol in support of the Prop 1 – the Veterans and Affordable Housing (For the live coverage of the press conference, click here).

In Miller’s speech, she outlined how out of the record number of families seeking home ownership with Habitat Greater Sacramento this year (over 1,000) only 10% of those applicants will be given an opportunity for home ownership due to Habitat’s current limited resources.  Prop 1 is a statewide measure up for vote on this November’s ballot which dedicates $4 billion for affordable housing, $1 billion of which is designated for supporting California’s veterans. This funding, Miller states, would allow Habitat to double the amount of homes we build in the Sacramento area.

Habitat Homeowner Johnnie Jackson told the assembled crowd about her personal experience returning to this community as a veteran. “In 1990 I was honorably discharged from the military with a high risk pregnancy.  I was pregnant with twins and thought I was returning home to live with my father and brother.  When I arrived home I discovered that they were homeless and living in a rundown camper in the back of a friend’s home.”

Habitat Homeowner Johnnie Jackson tells her story.

After years of living in garages, on friend’s couches, pest infested apartments and overcrowded apartments Jackson discovered Habitat for Humanity.  “It really seemed unimaginable that people would be willing to help someone in my circumstances.  I’ve never felt a deeper embrace for people than I have with Habitat for Humanity.  Since moving in to our home in 2007 I have received my Master’s Degree and been able to help put my children through college because of the affordability of my mortgage. Affordable housing has become a perpetual blessing.”

Locally, if passed, Prop 1 would allow Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento to double the number of homes built in the greater Sacramento for families like Jackson’s each year.

Additionally, the proposition would have a transformational impact on the housing crisis across the entire state of California.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, along with all 42 Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the state of California and the hundreds and hundreds of endorsers of the bond, are encouraging volunteers, supporters, families, and community members to vote YES on Prop 1 this November.

For more information on how Prop 1 would help support Habitat for Humanity’s mission of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live visit

For more information on the Prop 1 bond measure and the list of hundreds of organizations and individuals who are endorsing it, visit

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